We really miss camp! That is why we embrace the opportunity, despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide your child with a very special, safe and memorable experience this summer.

Camp brings laughter, face-to-face relationships, freedom from screens, exercise, improved mental health, interacting outdoors in a high-spirited environment and so much more… Just what your child needs!

We are committed to running our day camp program in 2021.


Camp Robin Hood is committed to implementing increased safety procedures and policies to minimize health risks and to provide your child with an amazing summer camp experience. Camp has 53 acres of space for open-air and outdoor activities. We are committed to doing all that we can to make Camp Robin Hood as safe as we possibly can this summer.


As we know, the information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and evolving. Our planning for summer 2021 uses the latest COVID-19 best practices. As information changes and evolves, so too will our plans for the summer to reflect current information.

We are working closely with our provincial and local health officials along with the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) to develop plans and protocols so that we can safely operate in-person this summer. Our owners and directors, Sari and Howie Grossinger, are members of the OCA COVID-19 Task Force, and are working alongside a team of camp professionals, including our own summer medical team to put proper guidance in place for a safe and healthy summer. In this work with the OCA Task Force, Howie and Sari have the opportunity to work closely with a team from Sick Children’s Hospital and the Ministry of Health including pediatricians and infectious disease specialists. We are also benefiting from resources available to us from the American Camp Association (ACA), Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and other day camps that ran in 2020 to create the safest camp experience possible.


Throughout our 75-year history, Camp Robin Hood’s primary focus has been delivering a safe experience for campers and staff. Summer 2021 will call for additional considerations in the areas of health and safety as guided by the requirements of Public Health. Given these additional safety measures, some aspects of summer 2021 will look and feel different. It is our goal to maintain the spirit and traditions of a Camp Robin Hood experience where campers will benefit from being kids again – enjoying our outdoor setting, among friends old and new, and participating in fun camp activities.

Closer to the summer, we will release our detailed COVID-19 Safety Guide.

Here are some key elements and main considerations of our safety planning:


While we were hopeful that early 2021 would bring more certainty to the year that lies ahead, we are fully aware that we continue to live in a world that is still significantly impacted by the pandemic. To that end, we have made revisions to our initial approach to refunds and cancellations.

The continued reality of community lockdowns and school closures will undoubtedly delay full commitments to summer plans. It is for these reasons, that we have made the decision to extend our March 1st Full Refund Policy to April 1st, 2021.

It has always been our goal to partner and work together with you to determine if our summer program is the most suitable for your child. When you choose to enroll your child at Camp Robin Hood, you are reserving space, time, supplies and staffing. The extension of our full refund policy will still allow us to properly prepare and make plans for the summer, and it is our hope that it provides you with the peace-of-mind that there is enrollment flexibility.

We will remain responsive to the ever-evolving state of the pandemic, as well as the guidelines provided by the OCA and Public Health. If you register for camp and decide to cancel after April 1st, 2021, our normal cancellation policies apply. Please refer to our ‘Rates and Apply’ page on our website for details.

Once camp begins, it is our policy that no refunds or credits will be given for any incidental absences or missed days. However, in the event that a camper is required to stay home from camp due to COVID-19 group quarantine, as directed by Public Health, a refund for days missed will be provided. All refunds will be issued in September. Please note that our upcoming COVID-19 Safety Guide will outline details of protocols required should an infection be identified within camp.

We are grateful for your trust and support as we navigate these challenging times.


At Camp Robin Hood, we pride ourselves in communicating with families in a transparent, thoughtful, and thorough manner. We remain committed to open dialogue and communication with families every step of the way.

Rest assured that we will continue to keep families well informed leading up to Summer 2021. Information sharing as it relates to health and safety will be a priority, and we can’t wait to also share updates about all of the camp fun that we are so eager and excited to return to.

We are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have about the upcoming summer. Feel free to reach out to us at 416-736-4443 or by email at office@camprobinhood.ca.