Parent Guide

Information to make both your summer and your child's summer awesome!

Thank you for choosing Robin Hood for your child’s day camp experience this summer. Whether your camper is registered for 1 session or all 4, know that we work hard to make every day at Camp Robin Hood super-fun and memorable. Right now our staff are busy putting the finishing touches on our programs and our office staff are working hard to make sure that all of our systems are in place so that camp runs as smoothly as possible for our camp families. We consider the following information vital to preparing for camp. Whether this is your first year as a member of our camp family or you are a seasoned veteran, information is updated each year so we would love for you to review it at your convenience. While we are not listed on any TripAdvisor list, yet, our experience with camp families tells us that providing you with a “Top 9 List” of topics that are typically on the mind of parents as they prepare for camp would be really helpful. So, here we go…


9 things to make your Camp Robin Hood summer even more awesome!

1. Completing Your Camp Forms is Critical

Always having the most up-to-date information about your child is a vital component to a successful Robin Hood experience. We put a lot of effort into developing efficient administrative systems that make information gathering as simple as possible. Please provide all requested information in a timely fashion.

An important part of your pre-summer preparations is completing your online forms. Online forms are now available by logging into the same link as your registration.

Complete Your Camp Forms Now


The following forms are to be completed:

    1. Health Form : Please provide the most up-to-date information on your child so our Health Centre staff can best take care of your child should the need arise.
    2. Swim Form: Please provide the most current swim level information so our Swim Coordinators can make an accurate placement for your child’s swim lessons. More information can be found about our Swim Program in the SUMMER 2021 SAFETY & OPERATIONS GUIDE
    3. Transportation Form: If you have not already done so, please let us know your preferred method of transportation to camp for this summer. Click here.
    4. for the 2021 Transportation Form. Any other details you feel will be helpful for Robin, our Transportation Director. She can be reached all summer long at: .: To help our health centre, office, Section Heads and counsellors become familiar with your camper, we ask that you provide a recent photo of your child. It’s easy to do when you are on our online system.

Other Forms that we distribute just prior to the beginning of camp and throughout the summer as needed:

Our summer calendar has a list of the optional events that take place throughout the summer. You can sign up your child for any of the programs that take place during their registered session. These include:

Note: These events are only available to campers who are registered in the session in which these events take place. Check out our summer calendar for more details.

Information about completing our forms:

  • Completion is Easy!! We have worked hard to make our online process as easy as possible.
  • Adhering to deadlines is Crucial!! It is hard to be flexible when deadlines are not met and since safety is our greatest focus, deadlines allow us to be best organized to ensure a fantastic time for everyone.
  • You can always update your information! It is always better to submit your forms with the information you have on hand ASAP than wait until your camper begins camp. Whether it’s changes to health or swim information or any forms for that matter, you can always email us at and we will make sure a member of our office team updates your information.

Sharing information between home and camp makes everybody feel good about the camp experience. It also allows us to take care of your children to the best of our ability. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Click Here to Access Your Camp Forms Now

2. What is a Typical Day at Camp?

Well, we actually work hard to make every day at Camp Robin Hood anything but typical! Our well-trained staff (they all participate in an action-packed training program prior to July 5) are enthusiastically capable of showing your child an awesome day - every day.

But there is certainly a routine at camp. Campers at Camp Robin Hood are organized in “cabins” and at Sports Academy, “teams”. “Cabins” and “Teams” are supervised by at least 2 staff. Cabin size varies based on age and our supervision ratios are always enhanced at our “specialty” activities as we provide “specialists” who facilitate and provide instruction.

Here is a breakdown of our age groups at camp:

So what does a typical day look like? Here are the daily features of a day at Camp Robin Hood and Robin Hood Sports Academy.

    Morning Welcome & Cabin Based Activities:

    • As the busses and campers arrive, campers gather in their units where they are supervised and participate in cabin-based activities.

    1 Swim period each day:

    • Current public health guidance requires cabins (‘cohorts’) to stay together during swim and have a designated space in the pool to accommodate all swimmer levels. This has resulted in a necessary modification to our daily schedule, where campers will be in the water once a day for a longer period of time. Each swim period will be a combination of skills, drills & fun. Campers will be given sufficient time before and after their swim period to change and re-apply their sunscreen.
      Please note: Towel service will not be available this summer

    Lunch Period:

    • Campers eat lunch in their cabin group/team and are supervised by the counsellors/coaches to insure eating and monitoring of any allergy/dietary considerations. We encourage families to read our Summer 2021 Safety & Operations Guide for details about Food at camp.
    • Looking for quick and easy Lunch & Snack options for your camper? Click here to view Kids Kitchen 2021 Summer Menu & Order Form.

    Change & Snack/Treat periods:

    • Each camper will receive a daily snack/treat that is individually packaged in single serve portions. We encourage families to send along additional snacks as our staff will allow for campers to have “snack breaks” throughout the day.
    • Snacks/Treats are provided each afternoon prior to dismissal.

    Activity periods throughout the day:

    • Each cabin participates in a combination of “specialty” or cabin-based activities.
    • Specialty activities are led by our trained specialists and include archery, canoe, arts & crafts & many more. Cabin activities are planned and led by your child’s counsellor and are often low organized games and craft activities that take the specific interests of campers into consideration. Cabin activities include gaga, circle games, tag games and certain crafts.
    • Sports Academy:
        Each team spends their day at a variety of sports areas where instruction is provided by a “Lead Coach”.
        Our 4 main areas of instruction are baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis.
        Campers also enjoy “options” where they can get more practice in a sport of their choice.
        Every Friday is “Game Day” where campers put their skills to the test in friendly competition.
    • Check out the breakdown of our day and activities here. Please note: COVID-19 Day Camp guidelines will result in modifications to our daily schedule (e.g. 1 swim instead of 2 swims)

    In addition to our typical day, please visit our online Summer Calendar.

    You will notice that our Summer Calendar has a detailed list of special events and optional programs that occur throughout the summer.

Our Amazing Specialties

Robin Hood Sports Academy

Mass Programs

    Special Days:

    • During the summer of 2021 we will direct our focus on Camp-Wide Programs.

    Camp-Wide Programs:

    The following camp-wide programs will take place this summer:
      Robin Hood Spirit Day - July 8
      Colour Wars - July 22
      Olympics - Aug 5
      Quest for the Golden Arrow - August 25 & 26

    Preparing for the First day of Camp:

    • Expect some delays in bus transportation as the bus driver become accustomed to the stops and the route.
    • Provide sunscreen to leave at camp
    • Camper will receive knapsack at camp

3. What to Pack, What to Wear

Our experience has taught us that Moms and Dads like to have their child(ren) prepared for anything that GTA weather may throw our way during the summer. However, our CRH knapsacks (which we provide!) can only handle so many items! The “cabin” that your child will be assigned to has its own actual “cabin” where all items brought to camp can be stored and kept safe. New for 2021: Your CRH knapsack now has a handy waterproof pouch to keep wet bathing suits separate from all other clothing.

Here are more recommendations of what your child should wear and have packed in their knapsack on a daily basis.

    Washable, inexpensive clothing
    • We recommend that you NOT send clothing that may upset you and/or your child if for some reason it got dirty, accidentally damaged or went missing.
    • Our staff work very hard to help your child return home with all the items you send to camp, it is super-important that you find a labelling process that works for you. Even labelling with a sharpie (permanent) marker (first AND last names!!) makes returning lost items much easier.
    Wear a hat
    • One of the reasons our camp won the 2016 Melanoma Network of Canada Sun Safety Award is in part because of our commitment to all campers and staff protecting themselves from the sun.
    Sports Academy Campers
    • Campers are not required to bring specific sports equipment to camp, however, we do insist that athletic shoes (not sandals) be worn so that campers can play safely on our courts and fields. If your child has a baseball glove (LABELLED!) they are invited to pack one in their knapsack.
    Dress for weather
    • Since our location in Markham is susceptible to changing weather conditions, we do recommend you pack a few items that will allow your child to be comfortable regardless of what Mother Nature sends our way. Please check the weather daily but don’t assume that the conditions your child left home in will be the same throughout the day (or even the same as you may encounter wherever you are during the day). We recommend packing light items like a windbreaker, long-sleeve shirt, or a sweatshirt for cold windy days and boots and a raincoat for rainy days. We have great indoor facilities to keep our programs going all day long.
    Extra clothes at camp
    • Some of our younger campers may benefit from having some extra clothes labelled and stored in the cabin just in case these items are needed.
    • Running shoes and socks are preferred over sandals/open-toe shoes, thus allowing our campers to partake in all of our activities.
    Sunscreen to be left in the cabin
    • We ask that you apply sunscreen (rain or shine) on your child before they get on to the bus/ or travel with you to camp each morning. On the first day of camp, please provide sunscreen (LABELLED!) that can be kept in the cabin and reapplied at designated times during the day. Our staff are trained on the various age-appropriate ways to assist their campers with putting on more sunscreen. Your child’s Section Head (age-division supervisor) will contact you if we need more sunscreen.

The “What to Pack” Summary

  • 1 bathing suit (Campers will be given sufficient time before and after their swim period to change and re-apply their sunscreen)
  • 1 towel
  • 1 pair of shorts and underwear
  • Lunch (if providing)
  • Sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Raincoat
  • Pool shoes – optional
  • Eyeglasses case (if required)
  • Earplugs (if required)
  • Masks: As the safety of our campers and staff is our highest priority, Camp Robin Hood will responsibly adhere to public health guidelines regarding mask wearing. Our 2021 daily camp program is designed to maximize outdoor activities, and will require campers and staff to wear masks when two metres of distance cannot be maintained. Our staff will be trained to ensure that campers will have plenty of opportunities for ‘mask breaks’ throughout the day (i.e. during activities that ensure two metres distance between campers). In addition, staff will continually assess the impact daily weather conditions have on campers, and implement appropriate ‘mask breaks’ when needed. As per the public health guidelines, campers are required to wear well-fitted masks (e.g. non-medical). Families are responsible for providing masks for their campers on a daily basis. We recommend sending your child to camp with additional masks, to facilitate changing as needed (i.e. when soiled, damp or damaged). The front pocket of the Camp Robin Hood backpack is a perfect spot to house extra masks! Our staff will be supplied with required surgical procedure masks as well as eye protection (i.e. goggles). Staff will be properly trained in the requirements of mask-wearing and use of eye protection in our setting. Hand hygiene will be at the forefront of our daily camp routines. As a result, every time your camper takes off and puts back on their mask, our staff will ensure that proper hand washing and sanitizing procedures are in place. While we are so encouraged that COVID-19 case counts continue to improve and vaccination rates increase, we are hopeful that over the course of the summer, mask wearing requirements as mandated by Public Health will adjust accordingly. However, the current reality of COVID-19 variants and their potential to impact our community are reflective in the protocols we must follow. Camp Robin Hood is committed to the daily health and safety of your child and we are going to have a ton of fun at the same time.

A Few Words of Advice:

  • Pack an appropriate change of clothes for days that start off cool - Even on our coolest days, a t-shirt and shorts should be worn or packed.
  • Remind your child to place their wet bathing suit in the handy waterproof pocket of their knapsack. It's also a good idea to pack a plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Label everything with first name and last name

4. Swimming at Camp

We are very proud of our swim program and our commitment to helping kids increase their comfort in the water. In order to do that, we thank you in advance for providing us with accurate up to date swim information as you complete your swim form. Here are some important features of Swim at Robin Hood:

  • Our swim staff are certified with current Lifeguard and Instructor qualifications.
  • We work closely with Eric Shendelman from Shendy’s Swim Centre and deliver a Lifesaving Society endorsed 10 level program in addition to our preschool swim curriculum.
  • Campers at Robin Hood visit the swim area once a day.
  • Participation in swim is considered a compulsory activity. On days where campers choose not to swim or are unable to, they will still be in their swim groups participating in the lesson from the pool deck. We do not offer an alternative activity during swim periods.
  • Because many campers have not had the opportunity to swim during the pandemic, our goal is to enhance confidence and skills in the water. This may or may not result in your child completing a level by the end of their time with us. We are committed to remaining transparent and will keep you updated on your child's progress as needed. We are so lucky to be using our outdoor pools and excited to have campers get back in the pool again!
  • Please refer to the Summer 2021 Safety & Operations Guide for more details about swimming for this summer.

Swim, Swim, Swim

5. Lunch And Other Food at Camp

Keeping the energy up all day long at Robin Hood is a lot easier when our kids are well fed and hydrated. And as you know, it begins with providing your child with a great breakfast so they can start their day right. Please review the following details about all things “food” at Camp Robin Hood.

    All food prepared/provided in our camp kitchen is Nut Free
    • if you have any special dietary considerations please indicate them on your child’s health form or contact our office to discuss.
    Daily treats and drinks are provided
    • camp activities stop mid-day so everyone can enjoy lunch within their designated areas at camp while supervised by our staff. Water and juice are provided at this time. Each afternoon, our staff provide a fun treat that campers enjoy with their friends. Water is available all around camp each day and even on our bus ride home.

    Optional Lunch Program

      Kids Kitchenvisit this link for all the details and to sign-up
      • A la carte menu with a variety of entrees (including hot lunch items, sides & snacks)
      • Prices are based on items ordered
      • Flexible ordering – order at any time and as often as you like – orders must be placed by 10am the previous business day (Friday for Monday orders)
      • It’s easy! Create an account, select Robin Hood as your child’s CAMP, select the correct unit for your child (we will share that info before their first day).
      • A valid credit card is required and all food provided by Kids Kitchen is 100% Nut Free.
        Please Note: To get started with Kids Kitchen, you must create an account by going to and selecting "Camp Robin Hood" as your child's "CAMP". To ensure that your child's lunch is sent to their counsellor, be sure to select the correct group for each child. To order, simply click on the days you wish to order for and select from the available menu. A valid credit card is required and charges for your lunch order(s) will be billed to your credit card at the end of each week.
      Sending snacks to camp
      • We encourage you to send easy, “on-the-go” types of snacks if you feel your camper would benefit from extra energy.
      • Given the fast-paced nature of each day, campers will eat their snacks while travelling around camp between activities.
      • Like all food at camp, please ensure that these snacks/treats are Nut Free.
      If a camper forgets their lunch
        We will contract parents about the missing lunch
      Celebrating birthdays at camp
        We are not accepting any items from home to give to other campers - due to covid guidance we will find in-camp ways of celebrating.

6. Transportation to and from Camp

We ask that you complete our online transportation form to confirm and or make any adjustments to your child’s travel plans.

We work closely with our bus company, Landmark Bus Lines, to ensure a safe and efficient bus experience for our campers. Whether you have selected Door-to-Door or Neighbourhood service, rest assured that our Transportation Director Robin Perlmutter and her team work hard to make this part of the camp day as easy and fun as possible.

Each of our buses is driven by a professional bus driver who has not only been trained by the bus company but also participates in our Robin Hood bus training so that they are aware of how we provide transportation services at camp. We assign at least 2 bus counsellors to each bus and their duties are to provide supervision and programming while our buses are on the road to and from camp.

We are in communication with each of our buses and have the ability, in our office, to track our buses via GPS should the need arise.

Prior to each session, you can expect to receive confirmation of your child’s bus number and the names of their bus counsellors. We also provide a window of time when our bus should arrive at your stop in the morning and at the end of the day. These “estimations” become more concrete within a few days of each session as the bus driver gets familiar with the route and traffic patterns.

Getting to Camp

    Bus Service: Door-to-Door & Neighbourhood

    • Morning pick ups between 8am–8:40am
    • Buses depart camp at 4pm
    • Afternoon drop offs between 4:30pm–5:10pm
    • Dismissal procedures take about 20 minutes
    • All buses remain on site until camper attendance is complete and confirmed

    Driving to Camp

    • Arrive between 8:45am–9:15am (enter Gate B)
    • End of Day Pick-up: 4pm (enter Gate D)
    • Families will be greeted by a member of our team to help make the process as smooth as possible. Our goal is to have parents remain in their vehicle - let us do the rest!

    Dropping off your camper during the camp day

    Picking up camper during the day

      If you wish to pick up your camper, we must have your WRITTEN request by 12pm at the latest. You can email or send us a bus note. Please be sure to include the day for pick up, camper’s name and time you will be arriving. If you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child please let us know that in your written request too. We do our very best to have your child packed and ready.

7. Communicating with Us

Our “End of Session” surveys have indicated that one of the things parents most appreciate about Camp Robin Hood is our commitment to timely and effective communication between home and camp. Whether it’s direct communication with camp owners Sari & Howie Grossinger, a member of our office team or a Assistant Director* or Section Head who supervises the area of camp your child has been assigned to, you can count on a professional and timely response to any question or concern you may have.

Getting information or questions to us?

Whichever method of communication you choose, please know that our office staff are always ready to assist you.

How Do We Get Information To You?

We have several methods of sharing all kinds of information with our families throughout the summer. Here is what you can expect:
  • Emails – On a regular basis, our office will communicate specifically on a number of topics including; special days, cookouts, end of session swim reports, extended day permission forms, weather updates when needed, and grouping and transportation updates etc. Please be sure to check your inbox regularly so you don’t miss an email.
  • Friday Flyer – This is the name of our weekly newsletter that is emailed to you and has great information about the past week, as well as things to look forward to at camp.It has links to photos, videos and all kinds of information that makes you feel as if you were at camp yourself!
  • Facebook & Instagram - We love using these social media platforms to tell the story of camp each day. Make sure you follow us!! We endeavour to post a realistic but limited number of photos each day.
  • Phone Calls - From time to time we call families directly. Our policy is to always leave a message and we encourage you to listen to that message before calling us back. By doing so, you are able to let our office know who called you and this will speed up our ability to have you talk to the right person.

Family Commitment

The Office

So Who Do I Talk To At Camp?

The following people are those that play a role in responding to your inquiries on a regular basis.

Other people you will get to know:

Sue & Darcy are veteran members of our office team and answer our phones daily. Feel free to ask them any question you have and they will know how to direct your inquiry. If our lines are busy, please leave a message and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

Note: Our Assistant Director’s not only oversee the programs and campers in the areas listed above, they also directly supervise the Section Heads responsible for each area. In many cases, our Section Heads will contact parents when needed. Counsellors/Coaches have the primary responsibility of providing direct care to our campers and for this reason they do not have the time to phone parents directly. The good news is that they love to meet parents and provide updates at our monthly Family Nights.

IMPORTANT: Be confident that all inquiries will be addressed by a member of our team best suited to respond.

8. Sun Safety And Our Health Centre

We make every effort to take care of the well-being of our campers and staff. Our Health Centre aka “RobinAid” is regarded as a benchmark in the camping industry with respect to how camp wellness is delivered. We take both a practical and educational approach to this very important area. Under the direction of R.N. Bev Unger, our 4 member team of R.N.’s and Health Care Assistants (students in nursing programs) organize all of our camper health information and are responsible for delivering care when campers visit RobinAid. In preparation for the summer, our Health Centre has the following advice:

Health Centre

9. We Are Your Partner

We are most proud of the positive reputation we have for providing a fun, well-supervised and memorable camp experience for our campers. We are equally as proud that parents tell us that our constant commitment to working with parents provides wonderful “peace of mind” that they have made the right choice sending their kids to Camp Robin Hood. Our dedication to “partnering with parents” has allowed for us to maintain effective two-way communication between home and camp and has allowed us to work together productively should any sticky situations arise.

At its core (and we can’t emphasize this enough) is open and honest communication between home and camp. Our application process encouraged you to provide details about what your child’s strengths and limitations may be in a social environment like camp. Our director Sari Grossinger, a registered Occupational Therapist, has built her professional camp career on her commitment to working with the information provided to make every camper’s experience inclusive and positive.

At this time of year, should there be additional information you would like to share with camp and/or Sari specifically please contact the office by phone or email

Rest assured that information provided is kept confidential and only shared with those members of our team who need to be “in the know” so that we can work together to help your child and all children at camp have a safe and successful experience with us.

Meet our Directors

Safe on the Inside, Safe on the Outside

Every child has the right to feel safe at our camp. The staff we employ are well trained and the program we deliver is inclusive and non-threatening. Aligning ourselves with Ontario’s Code of Conduct and the Safe Schools Policy that have been adopted by the schools in our community, is a commitment that all of us at Robin Hood take very seriously.

Every reasonable effort will be made to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our campers. As challenges present themselves, a problem solving approach will be utilized to support all those involved. Discipline will be fair and progressive, and used as much as a teaching tool as possible. Clear and consistent consequences will be put into place, depending on the situation, by incorporating strategies at camp with supportive reinforcement at home. Our hope, like that of any social/educational setting, is to help create responsible, caring and productive members of society.

Issues of bullying, in all of its forms, can occur in any social environment. At Robin Hood, we are ready to respond at all times to issues of verbal or physical intimidation, put downs of any kind or any situation that creates discomfort for any camper. Our Senior Staff (many of whom are educators themselves) and Directors will be directly involved in the problem solving approaches we utilize. Only through meaningful dialogue at camp and with our families can we effectively deal with this serious issue.

Sari & Howie are committed to your family having a positive experience at Robin Hood. Many of you know them but here is a brief overview of our Directors:

      Sari Grossinger: Since graduating in 1990, Sari has been a practicing paediatric Occupational Therapist and plays a key role in meeting the needs of our campers and their families. In addition to working with our own Camper Relations Team, Sari actively mentors Occupational Therapy students throughout the year. By providing personal attention to issues related to camper care, grouping and problem solving, Sari forms the link between camp and home and is a trusted resource for Robin Hood parents.

      We are so proud that Sari’s leadership of our inclusion program for campers and staff with special needs has earned Camp Robin Hood a reputation in North America as a place for supportive and inclusive camping. Sari is a former Board member of the Ontario Camps Association and a recipient of the Association’s highest honour, the Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence.

      Howie Grossinger: Howie is camp’s main face of fun, developing creative activities, training our staff to the highest standards, and leading our famous flagpole events. Howie joined the Camp Robin Hood family almost 33 years ago and has been positively impacting campers and staff ever since. Married to Sari for 30 years has provided the opportunity for the two of them to devote their lives to creating an environment that provides a safe place for positive growth, independence and boatloads of fun.

      Howie is a former high school teacher, department head and uses his educational experience to provide high-value training to our staff. Howie’s experience also includes 10 years as a member of the Ontario Camps Association Board and serving as its President for 4 years. A club volleyball coach for 12 years, Howie received the 2016 Ontario Volleyball Association’s “Coach of the Year” award making him the go-to guy for creating and nurturing teamwork at camp.