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Leadership (LIT/CIT) Training

We love nothing more than seeing young leaders play a positive role in a camper’s life. It’s even more special when they come from our very popular Leadership Training Program.

Learning to Lead

For campers that have completed grade 8 (Leaders-in-Training) & grade 9 (Counsellors-in-Training), we offer a program that not only offers development in leadership theory and skill-building but an opportunity to apply them in a fun, supportive environment. These future Robin Hood leaders receive a valuable foundation under the supervision of our most experienced camp staff.

The Journey to Become Staff

Many of our current camp staff participated in our LIT/CIT program and credit their success to this program and role models and friends they made during their experience. LIT/CIT’s are held to high standards and with the understanding that leadership development is best when trust and respect are a priority.

LIT/CIT’s participate in regularly scheduled, weekly placements in a variety of areas at camp. Each CIT/LIT applies what they are learning in the areas of activity planning and delivery, implementation of behaviour management techniques and strategies to motivate campers of all abilities. In fact, many of the skills learned in this program are “life-long learnables” that will benefit these campers throughout their life no matter what path they choose to pursue.

And don’t worry, each week is also full of fun, team-building activities and events so our LIT/CITs are still having fun and engaged in the camp experience with their peer group.

A Summer to Remember

The ultimate leadership experience comes from participation in our full 8-week program. However, we do have 4 and 6-week options. A mandatory overnight retreat takes place at the beginning of July. During this trip our LITs/CITs take part in a 3-day retreat to Claremont Conservation Area where team building and hands-on learning are the focus. What they explore and learn on this trip will become the foundation for the leadership tools that they will use at camp but also have for the rest of their lives.

This is not the only trip. It’s just the only mandatory one. Each year our LITs/CITs plan a variety of trips and activities throughout the summer.

Hands-on Practice

The LIT/CIT program provides campers with the opportunity to participate in daily “placements” where they work closely with Robin Hood staff to learn and practice being in the role of a counselor and/or specialty instructor. The daily schedule mimics that of a typical day for the area of placement with the exception of twice a week when these campers spend a half-day or full-day with their peers participating in teambuilding, leadership development training and recreational programming.

LIT/CIT Unit Head

Our Unit Heads are our staff supervisors for a specific age group at camp. These are veteran camp staff with the experience necessary to ensure that your camper is having the time of his/her life. Have a question about camp? Your child’s Section Head is often your first point of contact with camp and definitely someone that can help!


Your LIT/CIT program is outstanding! The way you really train the kids, offer them opportunities to put on programs, give them constructive feedback, it is so much more than just another unit of campers.

- Past LIT/CIT participant

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