Each Day Better Than The Next

Like a school day (but better!), we divide our day into scheduled periods. Each day will have consistently assigned times for Swim, Lunch and Snack. Throw in Monday, Wednesday and Friday Flagpoles and a daily dose of a variety of specialty, cabin and unit-wide programs and the fun never ends.

And sometimes it’s not so typical

A summer at Robin Hood is truly not complete until your child experiences one of our camp-wide programs.
Why is our Program Chalet building striped in so many fun colours? To commemorate our past Colour Wars winners, of course! In July, this program divides the entire camp into four colours or teams that cooperate and compete in a high-energy day. Each year a cool new theme kicks off a day of loud cheering and some of the best cooperation between campers of all ages!

The only time our Directors Howie and Sari don’t work well together is during the Quest for the Golden Arrow, arguably the most intense and exciting two days of the summer. Since 1994, this two-day program closes out the summer with an appearance from Robin Hood (Larry Bell) and Maid Marion (Pearl Bell).

The camp is broken into three teams which are lead by Little John (Howie), Will Scarlet (Sari) and Friar Tuck (Michael Cohen).  Throughout the program, campers are faced with a variety of unique activities and competitions challenging them to work together as a team to ultimately win possession of the Golden Arrow. At the conclusion of the program, campers can be seen jumping and sliding on inflatables, hopping on rides and enjoying delicious, fun foods at the annual carnival that takes over an entire sports field!

Inclusion and Fun

We take pride in our ability to deliver fun, well-organized activities and to make them accessible and appropriate for children of all abilities. Camp is at its best when everyone participates and our wonderful team goes that extra mile to provide a fun and inclusive experience year after year.

Modifying activities, providing adaptive equipment and delivering instructions so that campers of all ages and abilities can be successful are efforts that are not just necessary but natural for us at Robin Hood.

Learn more about inclusion at Camp Robin Hood