Extended Days

For SK & Grade 1 campers, we provide a wonderful program that allows campers to stay at camp until 8pm on two designated evenings during the summer (see our Calendar). This optional program provides campers with an additional recreational “free” swim, a great meal and a carefully planned special program that makes this experience totally awesome. We are happy to provide convenient central locations for you to pick up your child at the end of the program so that you can hear about all of the fun they had before they quickly fall asleep after an action-packed fun-filled day.

In Camp Overnights

Campers in our Inters (grades 2 & 3) units get the opportunity to participate in our in camp one-night overnights throughout the summer (see our Calendar). These programs provide campers the chance to get involved in a classic overnight experience. Free-swim, an awesome meal, great programs and a fun-filled campfire with s’mores and a sing song make up this wonderful night. The next day, our campers wake up to a beautiful sunrise, have breakfast (brush their teeth and apply sunscreen too) and get prepared to meet their friends who arrive at camp that morning. Under the guidance of our Section Heads, Campcraft specialty staff and cabin counselors, we are happy to supply wonderful supervision and the right amount of TLC to help campers have a successful experience. We know that these programs are some of the building blocks for eventual graduation to overnight camp and we take extra care in making this a positive experience for our campers.

New For 2019: In order to gear the overnight experience to those campers that are thinking about “transitioning” to overnight camp, we are only offering our in camp overnights to our grades 2 & 3 campers. This means that we are no longer offering overnights to those campers in grades 4 through 7. Instead, 2019 will see the introduction of a special Seniors’ extended day, to provide a special experience to those campers that are no longer eligible for our in camp overnight program. Based on the feedback we’ve received from our families, we’re confident that this new approach will encourage all eligible campers to participate in both programs.

Camp Walden: The logical choice

Did you know that Robin Hood’s owners Sari & Howie Grossinger are also the co-owners of Camp Walden, an overnight camp in Eastern Ontario? The consistency of ownership, parent communication and overall camp philosophy have been the reasons why so many parents have seen Camp Walden as a natural place for their children to attend after experiencing Robin Hood.

Here are some ways to make a transition to Camp Walden seamless for your child…

Walden Long Weekend

This 2 night experience serves as wonderful taste of what Camp Walden has to offer. From travelling on a coach bus to living in a typical camper cabin, the Walden Long Weekend is a great experience. Throw in meals in the dining hall with the entire Walden community and activities all around camp and your child will have the time of their life. The program is geared to children who have never been to overnight camp before and more details can be found by visiting the Camp Walden website.

Home & Away

Our ultimate transition program is “Home & Away”. This unique program combines two weeks at Robin Hood with two weeks at Camp Walden under the supervision of Robin Hood staff who make the trip with our campers. This fantastic month of camp is available to campers who have completed Grades 2 & 3.

Learn more about Home & Away…

Or speak to Sari or Howie about this program

Last night was a nice reunion for our family, but Cole said he was “CAMP SICK”. Thankfully he prefaced his sentiments with telling us he missed us, but he said he already misses Camp Walden. He asked me if I would buy him a bunk bed so he could set it up like his top bunk in the Green cabin. He had a wonderful time, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for doing all that you do to run a safe, happy, comfortable, warm, fun and loving day camp and overnight camp.

- Deborah F.

More details about the Home & Away Program