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Get to Camp!

The Camp Robin Hood Bus Experience is so much fun! Kids arrive at camp happy, excited and ready for the day. And, the best part, it is included in your fees! No extra charges.

Camp Robin Hood Really Does Start on our Buses!

We make sure the “to and from” camp is filled with exactly the same spirit and fun as camp. Working closely with our bus company, training our bus counsellors (who enthusiastically and warmly greet your children each day and make sure they get settled on the bus safely), and directly with our parents, our fast and efficient routes promise safety, simplicity and peace of mind for parents. Just listen to our parents!

Our famous bus themes are a great example of the fun on the bus! Campers participate in a variety of activities and games, learn cheers and help to create decorations that correspond to the theme of the day. Our Bus Themes Calendar (published in June) helps families prepare for our twice-weekly dress-up days, while our Bus Counsellors (staff supervisors) work hard to surprise campers with special surprise themes on the other days. Why all the effort? Well because they are competing for the prestigious Bus Challenge Cup! A fun highlight of the summer for everyone. The 2018 Bus Themes Calendar will be posted in June of 2018.

I love the camp bus. We have so much fun, we sing and play games with our bus counsellor and  I get to talk to my bus friends before we even get to camp.

- Grade 2 Boy

Waving goodbye from the Camp Robin Hood bus. Camp Robin Hood is Canada's oldest and largest day camp.



We are often asked about our bus pick-up and drop-off times. We take great pride in customizing each bus route to meet the needs of our camper families. It is for this reason that we wait until a few days before your camper’s first day to share the exact busing details. However, our routes are designed so that the majority of campers are picked up between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM (in the morning) and dropped off between 4:30 PM and 5:15 PM (in the afternoon). Each afternoon our buses depart at 4:00 PM. For families that find this timing difficult, we encourage you to call the office to discuss some options we have available to meet your needs.

Larry Bell, Founder of Camp Robin Hood, and Robin Perlmutter, our in-house team of bus coordinators, design the most efficient routes so that all campers on the bus spend approximately the same amount of time travelling to and from camp each day. We use the 407 Toll Road which makes travel to camp fast and mostly traffic-free. So much so, that kids are known to say, “are we here already?”!

For most areas, buses pick up and drop off at your home everyday. Camp Robin Parents enjoy getting to know the bus counsellors and love the fact that the same bus counselor greets their kids at the door, ensures they get settled on the bus, and then delivers them back home at the end of the day.

Want to lower your fees?

Save $100.00 per child per session for neighbourhood transportation (maximum savings $400.00) by using our Neighborhood Transportation locations. Check out our Neighbourhood Transportation Locations to choose the best pick-up & drop-off location for your family.

Save $200.00 per child per session by driving your camper yourself (maximum savings $800.00). Our super easy process for pick-up and drop-off makes this a great option for families wanting to drive themselves.