A Message From Our Director Howie Grossinger

Your Child’s Summer Work Commitment

We always value a team approach when it comes to working with campers and staff, but we also recognize that this is a great opportunity for staff to practice the very real skill of advocating for themselves and engaging in professional communications with employers. As such, we are grateful for your support in encouraging your child to initiate conversations with their supervisor and our office team should any issues arise. We thought it would be helpful for you to have a copy of the important dates throughout the summer that your child has committed to, so that you can help to ensure that they can maintain their commitment to Camp Robin Hood.

In accepting a position as a staff member at Camp Robin Hood, your child has committed to attending camp on a daily basis. In addition, they have committed to attending our pre-camp training sessions as well as weekly staff meetings, that may be either on site or virtually every Wednesday after camp. If your child is chosen as a bus counsellor, there may be additional mandatory training.

Working at Camp Robin Hood… It’s More Than Just a Summer Job!

Given our family’s 60-year involvement in camping, we have been fortunate to work with countless staff members. We are so proud of the work our staff do during the summer, and take pride in the fact that the work they do at camp inspires growth and success in their personal, educational and professional lives. Taking care of other people’s children is undoubtedly a real job… As parents, we know that more than anyone!

Here are a few of the reasons why we celebrate our staff for taking on this role this summer: