I wanted to send a note about how much fun Brendan, Ethan and Emily are having on the bus! They race outside every morning full of excitement and anticipation and they come off the bus giggling every evening. Yesterday morning Brendan wrote a note to Spencer that said, “Dear Spencer, you are so silly and I love you!” and today Spencer showed him that he kept it in the little window on the back of his backpack 🙂 

I hope your staff know that they’re doing an amazing job and we are forever grateful.

Jennifer., Camp Robin Hood Parent 

By the way on a side note not sure if you get enough of these feedback type emails but we feel you guys are all doing an incredible job this summer and honestly think Robin Hood is just the best camp ever James comes home happy every day and already made us promise him that he will be returning yearly 🙂 so keep up the good work!

Elizabeth., Camp Robin Hood Parent

Thank you so much Sari! And thank you for taking such good care of Emily and Ezra. Ezra is loving Robin Hood and Emily has really flourished there this summer. Emily has never appeared happier in a camp setting and eagerly leaves the house each morning (a big deal for her after a very long anxious period). She has made so many friends and adores her councillors. Truly a big thank you to you and Howie for all you have done this summer. These kids needed a “normal” summer and you gave them exactly what they needed. What a gift! Emily is already talking about coming back next year. Thanks again for all you do.

Dalia., Camp Robin Hood Parent

Thank you for the Amazing summer thus far. You have made summer safer than the government could ever make schools.

Mark., Camp Robin Hood Parent

I just wanted to send you an update about Leo and the bus. Daniel did drop off alone starting on Monday and Leo walked on the bus on his own with just a slight whimper. On Tuesday he went on the bus no problem at all and today I dropped him off, he gave me a huge hug and was even excited to get on the bus all by himself! This week has been a complete 180 from the end of last week and I completely agree it was the end of the honeymoon period for Leo, the routine was setting in and he was certainly having some adjustment disorder. I just wanted to send you an email to thank you again for your helpful suggestions, insight and support for me and Leo. Hearing your thoughts really eased my mind as I was concerned I perhaps started him in full-time day camp too early. Now that we are just about finished the first 2 week period, I couldn’t be more excited to send him back in August. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for being there during such a confusing and difficult time. You were responsive, empathetic, compassionate and so honest with us and we appreciate it more than I could ever express in an email. Thank you again!!

Michelle and Daniel., Camp Robin Hood Parents

Whatever you guys are doing, it certainly is working for Liam. He LOVES camp!!! It makes me so happy that he’s outside waiting for the bus counting down the minutes every day. I love that he was heartbroken that there was no flagpole today. This kid really likes flagpole and the fact that he missed it means it means something to him. It’s amazing that he dunked his head underwater at a swimming pool this past weekend. Something he couldn’t do a week ago. And while he told me he screams because he’s scared of the canoe tipping over, he told me he was brave and did it anyway. I wanted to say thanks for everything you guys do. Keep up the great work!!!

Jeremy., Camp Robin Hood Parent

We just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing first week of camp. Ivy (JG5) and Lou (M3) came home happy every single day! We recognize what an accomplishment this is given the weather, and more importantly the fact that they have barely left our side or the house in way too long! The best moment so far was when Lou told us that he had an amazing secret from camp- He’s allowed to hug his friends!! We are so grateful for the gift of socialization, nature and the ability for kids to be kids that you have provided. Here’s to many more weeks of fun (in the sun!)

Leila and Diggy., Camp Robin Hood Parents

On behalf of my wife Alana and I, we wanted to send you both an e-mail thanking you and the entire Camp Robin Hood Team for an amazing start to the summer! Our daughter, Brooklyn, is attending Robin Hood for the first time this summer (last year was supposed to be her first summer), and Brooklyn is coming home each day with the biggest smile on her face. For parents like us, since the pandemic started, we have been looking forward to the day where “kids can be kids” again and have fun, and Robin Hood has succeeded in providing that environment. As people who grew up attending camp as campers and counselors, Alana and I cannot imagine how hard it was to plan for this summer with the ever-changing rules and protocols up until the end of June. Despite the challenges and uncooperative weather, when Brooklyn comes off the bus each day, she tells us how much she loves camp, her counselors and the kids in her cabin. We are beyond impressed how you are still able to provide a fun and safe environment for everyone despite the restrictions.

Congratulations on 75 years of providing life long memories and we hope our kids can be a part of your proud tradition for many years to come!

Paul and Alana., Camp Robin Hood Parents

We want to congratulate you on a job well done. COVID? What’s that? It’s seems as though my kids had a “normal” day…it was as though not much had changed at camp (and that’s a good thing). You have managed to pull off a safe and fun experience for the campers. If Day 1 is any indication, I have the fullest confidence in the days to come. All three of our kids came home happy, excited, and exhausted! Mission accomplished. I can’t imagine how hard the last year and a half had been – emotionally and financially. Being a school principal, I know the challenges of trying to create normalcy, whilst keeping kids and staff safe.

Thank you for the work you’ve done and continue to do, despite the challenges and naysayers.

Thank you for the sleepless nights you’ve endured and the heartaches you’ve suffered.

Thank you for your optimism and hope.

Thank you for your advocacy and resilience.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Thank you for your patience.

Just…Thank you! And thank you to the wonderful staff you’ve trained.

Looking forward to a great summer.

Much loved and gratitude,

Iczkovitz Family., Camp Robin Hood Family

From Leo’s point of view: “I touched the bottom of the pool, we played arrows, I had a popsicle…” From my point of view: “He saw real people, he saw other kids, he did stuff, he went swimming, he got the f&#k out of the house…” You guys waited a long time, worried through tons of uncertainty, thought through tons of what-ifs, and worked like crazy to make this go.
Our whole family is grateful. Love from all of us!

Miskin-Bisset Family., Camp Robin Hood Family

Yale has had such a wonderful time. You have such a special camp. Thank you for an amazing month. Enjoy the rest of the summer, see you next year!

Lauren., Camp Robin Hood Parent