The 2024 Family Information Guide

Our Parent Guide is your resource for just about everything that you need to know about the day-to-day at camp. Reviewing this guide will help your family prepare for a successful summer at Robin Hood.

Forms & Checklists

Please fill out the online forms as soon as possible as they provide us with the information we need to ensure a safe & successful summer for your child.

Access our forms.


A truly outdoor camp experience means a short drive to and from our site each day, but camp starts the moment our campers get on the bus! From activities to bus spirit days, the laughter and cheering can be heard all the way to camp. See everything transportation!

Health Safety and Other Policies

From the very beginning, Pearl Bell established having a full-time camp nurse at Robin Hood, a revolutionary and unusual concept – even to this day! This emphasis on health and safety continues under the strong leadership of Bev Unger and her team of nurses and nursing students as they manage Robin Aid, our on-site health centre. Learn more about our on-site health centre, staff and policies.

Camper Communication and Special Requests

Our reputation is built on our outstanding communication policies. We offer parents many convenient ways to get and stay in touch. Similarly, we reach out to you a lot, just to make sure you have all the information you need. See our Communications and Special Requests page for all your contact needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always hope you will contact us with your questions. However, for your convenience, we have provided an FAQ section answering some of the most common questions. See the FAQ.