Health, safety and well-being of our campers and staff are our priority! Our Health Centre (AKA ‘Robin Aid’) is regarded as a benchmark in the camping industry with respect to how camp wellness is delivered. Under the direction of R.N. Bev Unger, our team of registered nurses organize all of our camper health information and deliver care when campers visit Robin Aid. We are so thankful for our wonderful health team for keeping us safe and healthy all summer long!

We asked Bev her top 5 tips for a healthy and safe summer, and here’s what she had to say:

  1. Complete your health form ASAP!
  2. Apply sunscreen in the morning before the bus arrives – rain or shine! Ensure that sunscreen is generously applied to all parts of the body, especially skin that will be exposed during first swim. Our staff will assist with reapplication after first swim. Leave a labeled sunscreen bottle at camp for re-application during the day.
  3. Read labels! Please do not send food or personal care (i.e. sunscreen) items that may contain or contain nut products. We want to keep everyone safe.
  4. Wear a hat every day!
  5. Make sure any medication that is required to be taken at camp is sent directly to Robin Aid via the bus counsellor or at drop-off, and please make sure it’s in its original container.

Our Robin Aid staff will send campers home for any of the following:

When a camper is not feeling well, and experiences any of the symptoms on the list provided, we ask that you please keep them at home so they can heal and rest.

Please note: While at camp,  if a camper feels unwell or has any of the symptoms in the list provided and has to go home, you will receive a phone call and the camper will need to be picked up as soon as possible. Ideally within one hour.

Return to Camp: We will work with families to determine a return to camp plan that is safe for both your camper(s) and camp. Generally, campers are okay to return to camp when their symptoms have improved for at least 24 hours. If a camper has had a fever, they must be fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication before they can return to camp. If a camper has had vomiting or diarrhea, they must be symptom free for 48 hours. We appreciate transparent communication between home and our health centre team.

Here are some details regarding our important safety policies and protocols we have in place at Camp Robin Hood: