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Happy Campers

Attending Open Houses and Family Nights, having the camp calendar on your fridge and providing us with requested information are just a few examples of how you can help to make your child’s stay with us even more awesome.

Getting Ready

We find that parent engagement in their child’s experience goes a long way to making their time at camp with us even better. At Robin Hood, we put immense effort into making your child’s experience fulfilling and memorable. Our year-round commitment to program planning, staff hiring and facility enhancement ensures we deliver the fun and caring experience we pride ourselves on at Robin Hood.

Partners in Parenting

In addition to the fun and spirited experience we provide your child, we are very proud of our professional and organized approach to communication between camp and home.

The success of any child’s experience at camp is the open and positive relationship between our team and your family. We encourage you to share all pertinent information with us related to your child and in turn we will appropriately and confidentially share that information with the people who work directly with your child.

We also appreciate and welcome the role parents can play in helping us understand their child and our well-trained staff are always eager to speak with parents to help ensure a positive experience.

As a former CRHer I knew how much he would love camp, but as a parent I was anxious about how he would adjust to the routine of being a first-time camper. He had never even seen the inside of a school bus before his first day of camp. Howie, Sari and the staff at Camp Robin Hood made Hayden’s first experience at camp a happy, fun, exciting and safe experience from the moment he hopped on the bus that first day. Now entering his third summer and a junior boy, Hayden loves everything about camp and can’t wait for the summer to arrive.”

- Paul D

That Robin Hood Spirit!

This is where we take day camp to the next level. Not only will each day bring a ton of smiles and high-fives, our summer calendar is full of varied and incredible experiences that really shows off our spirit.

Your child will be a part of some very special experiences at Robin Hood including flagpole, unit special days and our incredibly well-planned camp-wide programs.

Campers and staff are still talking about that time a helicopter landed at camp and the “Back to the Future” DeLorean that kicked off some of our most recent Colour Wars and Quest for the Golden Arrow programs.

Camper Communication and Special Requests

Effective communication between home and camp helps ensure a positive experience for your child. During the summer, we will consistently provide updates via email and in our To The Point and Friday Flyer newsletter to keep you “in the loop” on all the amazing things happening at camp. We also encourage families to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo to help you experience what our campers are up to. And we encourage communication: whether it’s a special request from you to your child’s counsellor or us sharing the details of an upcoming special day, consistent two-way communication will ensure the most positive experience for your child.

Ways to contact us.

Camp Wide Programs

We take pride in providing a long list of fun daily activities at camp. But our campers and staff tell us that some of their best memories come from our extra-special special days. Some sessions include unit special days, Colour Wars, Extreme Olympic Day and the Quest For the Golden Arrow. These camp-wide programs give campers a chance to experience something very different than our regular camp program. Every year we work hard to make these programs more unique, more exciting and of course more fun than ever before. These programs are some of the most coveted traditions at camp. Check out our summer calendar to see when these programs are happening this summer.

Safety and Wellness at Camp!

Your child’s physical and emotional safety are a top priority at Robin Hood.

Our Leadership Team members regularly review camp procedures to ensure the health and safety of our campers. In fact, this team meets daily when camp is in session and at least once a month during the off-season.

Prior to the arrival of our first camper, all camp staff participate in extensive annual training (and weekly training throughout the summer) to instill our high regard for providing a safe and positive environment for everyone. Our in-house leaders share their diverse expertise during staff training, supplemented by leading industry experts from outside of Robin Hood.

We are proud to have such amazing and well-trained counsellors, activity instructors and swim staff!

Learn more about Health, Safety and Other Policies at Camp.

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