Our Campers & Staff Are In Great Hands With This Amazing Team! 

We are so excited to share this amazing group of camp supervisors with all of you. Their collective years as campers and staff is staggering and hopefully indicates to you, the level of dedication and experience we have on this important team. Check out the leaders who will supervise your campers and be your “go to ” people during your child’s time with us.


Our Senior Staff is made up of the following teams and they are complimented by a robust number of counsellors to deliver the Robin Hood experience each and every day.


Our Director Team

Our Director’s Emeriti

Our Assistant Directors

Our Office Team

Our Program Team

Health & Inclusion Team

Our Swim Team

Our Facilities Team

Our Activity Coordinators

Our Munchies Team: Completed pre-JK to JK

Our Junior Girls Team: Completed SK-Grade 1

Our Junior Boys Team: Completed SK-Grade 1

Our Inters Team: Completed Grade 2-3

Our Seniors & CIT/LIT Team: Completed Grade 4-9

Our Sports Academy Team: Completed Grade 4-7