We work closely with our bus company, Landmark Bus Lines, to ensure the best bus experience for our campers. Each bus is driven by a professional bus driver who has not only been trained by the bus company but also participates in our Robin Hood bus training so that they are aware of how we provide transportation services at camp. We assign bus counsellors to each bus and their duties are to provide supervision and programming while our buses are on the road to and from camp. We are in communication with each of our buses and have the ability, in our office, to track our buses via GPS should the need arise.

Whether you have selected Door-to-Door or Neighbourhood service, rest assured that our Transportation Director Robin Perlmutter and her team work hard to make this part of the camp day as easy and fun as possible. Prior to each session, you can expect to receive confirmation of your child’s bus number and the names of their bus counsellors and bus driver. We also provide a window of time when our bus should arrive at your stop in the morning and at the end of the day. These “estimations” become more concrete within a few days of each session as the bus driver gets familiar with the route and traffic patterns. If you are driving your camper(s) to camp, we will provide you with all the details for our pick-up and drop-off process prior to your family’s start of camp.

We use our proprietary software known as “LARRY” (a Legendary Approach to Reliable Routing for Youth) we create routes and constantly monitor (via GPS) all of our buses. We use the 407 Toll Highway which makes travel to camp fast and mostly traffic-free. So much so, that kids are known to say, “are we here already?”! We Have A Mobile APP! Click here to learn more.